DENTOSOFT® Herbal    A Refreshing Change from the normal


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Dentosoft® uses 'concentrated' rare herbs and oils so effectively for soothing troubled gums, protecting teeth and adding 'extended' freshness  all through the day.

Recognizing the power of nature's gifts, we a natural based, herbal toothpaste which has been manufactured using extracts and oils of natural ingredients that helps you maintain your oral hygiene.

Ingredients of

Dentosoft®  contains extracts of NeemCloveBabool, MajuphalCatechu and other rare herbs and natural extracts. It has oils of coriander, ginger, lemon, and spearmint among other essential natural oils.

  • Dentosoft®  toothpaste is an ayurvedic toothpaste made of rare herbs and fruits that have been shown to have great effect on oral health and hygiene.
  • Dentosoft®  toothpaste that has been based on ancient, well documented ayurvedic medical formulations and years of indigenous research. The values of ayurveda have been represented in the properties of these herbs.
  • Dentosoft®  toothpaste uniqueness lies in its herbal parts that are highly concentrated and readily soluble in saliva.
  • The power to penetrate mucous membranes is multiple  times that of natural toothpowders and toothpastes
  • It gives tremendous protection against cavities and other dental and gum problems