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About us

About Us

Qualtra Pharmaceuticals name relates to high quality products and services. The constant, high quality level of our products is based on our good relationship with our providers/manufacturers and on the knowledge they have about the meaning of Qualtra that means quality with the latest scientific developments and their technical applications. 

Our Vision


We bring to the world pharmaceutical and health care products that improve lives and deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Vision & Values

  • Our vision is to lead the way to a healthier                     
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Social Care

Qualtra Pharmaceuticals believes it is very important for patients to understand their illnesses as well as their treatment options.The clinician is the best person to tell you about the disease and the drugs he has put you on.

We keep ongoing efforts to help people around the world lead longer, healthier lives. Patients can directly write to the patient care department if they have any queries

Our Business

Enhance the quality of life for humankind by providing innovative and trusted ingredients to the healthcare industry. Qualtra Pharmaceuticals strives the best by meeting the technological and scientific needs of the society, government & industry .